To most, I am simply known as Walt.  Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I joined the Navy out of high school. 

The Navy became my life for the next 20 years. 

I retired from the Navy as Senior Aviation Electronics Chief Petty Officer, and immediately went to work for Unisys Corp. as a Scientific Programmer. 

Not as glamorous as it sounds.

In my years prior to retirement, the Navy was in the process of transitioning to  airborne antisubmarine warfare engaging the Lockheed Electra as a computer hosted platform. 

I was assigned to the Lockheed Aircraft Factory in Burbank, California where the Electra was assembled, and outfitted with the Unisys computer and a host of electronic submarine tracking equipment. 

My job with Unisys was as a member of a team that wrote diagnostic software used to assist with in-flight and ground  maintenance and repair.

Eventually, I moved on with Unisys to become a Senior Field maintenance Engineer, spending 13 years in computer support of satellite tracking for the Air Force, principally at Sunnyvale, Ca.  and Vandenberg AFB in Lompoc, CA.

I retired from Unisys after 23 years, and went to work with IBM as a Network Engineer, Managing the installation of computer network systems used in banks, department stores, large business offices etc. 

I eventually retired from IBM and now keep myself busy studying BLOG and Web development.  Probably the most challenging I have ever done,  But perhaps the most enjoyable.


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