Seeking Grace, Part Two – Why did Jesus die on the cross?

In my initial blog “Seeking Grace” I described some of the qualities of Grace, such as Humility, forgiveness, love, selfless giving, patience, and hospitality.  This list is by far not all-inclusive.  By definition I defined Grace as any act of pure unconditional kindness extended toward a person, cause, organization, or toward wellness, care and comfort.

True Grace was demonstrated to us by the unmerited mercy that God made available to us by sending his son to die on a cross to provide us eternal salvation by the forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ.  As it turns out today is April 6th., Good Friday – the day Christians review the Liturgy of the arrest, trial, suffering, and death of Jesus  Then by the Grace of God His resurrection is celebrated on Easter Sunday.

So far I have described Grace in the form of humanities through love, and kindness … giving and forgiveness …  followed by …  God himself providing each and every one of us eternal salvation, and finally the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ.  All examples of Grace … some of which are difficult to understand. 

My prayer at this point is that I haven’t lost you yet; because I will do my best to explain in my humble way, why the pain and suffering was necessary, and why it is important that we  embrace Grace as a way of life.

It is important for you to know that I have had no formal training in this subject.  I write on the subject of Grace with absolutely no authority.  So why do I write?  Why should you continue to read?  Well,  because I am not without exposure to discussion with well-trained, highly experienced  individuals with creditable backgrounds.  Reason number two for me to write on the subject is to share my thoughts in hope you will respond with opinions of your own.

I attended Good Friday Service last night to review the events of that day, some three thousand years ago through passages of the Bible that are quite emotional to say the least.

I just could not help but ask myself … Why?  Why did Jesus, a man who did indeed live a life of Grace … have to face the humility of a trial of unfounded charges … of jeers, and demands of an inhuman crucifixion.  The answer, not easy to accept is … Me and You and billions of human  beings that have ever walked this earth and the countless numbers that are yet to follow.  Each and every one that has violated laws and conditions of our being.  We all do what we feel is necessary to survive without regard to the wellbeing of others.  We violate pledges made in marriage for simple pleasures of the body.  The needs of others are far removed from our own selfish desires.  Keeping the sabbath, use of the Lords name in vain, honoring false God’s, rape murder, sodomy. All of this, and more is common ordinary news in our daily papers.

What does this have to do with the horrible death of a man names Jesus?  In our own world if man (or woman) commits a crime, he or she is judged by his peers to pay to the satisfaction of society through money, imprisonment, or death.  So it is with God.  Our sins against his commandments must be reconciled.  He did that through the death on the cross of his own son Jesus Christ, with forgiveness and eternal life possible only through Jesus.

Knowing this, how can anyone not feel responsibility for the horrible, painful death of an innocent man … a Grace filled man named Jesus?  How can anyone not want to face up to and acknowledge committed sins and ask the forgiveness of Jesus.  Knowing you have been forgiven, how could you not want to live a life of grace yourself?

As I read my own words, I fear I may come across as self-righteous.  I am far from that.  There is a great deal in my life that I am not proud of.  I hope in what time I have remaining I can resolve those wrong doings and recover in Grace with my fellow-man.

Have I missed something?  Have I overstated anything?  Your comments are welcome, please.


2 Responses to Seeking Grace, Part Two – Why did Jesus die on the cross?

  1. Doug Bouws says:

    hey walt. Well written. very nicely said. You’ve clearly experienced and accepted grace yourself. Thanks for sharing

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